Last Sunday, the BBC introduced Scottish actor, Peter Capaldi, as the 12th Doctor in their long-running television show, Doctor Who.   Capadli will be replacing Matt Smith, who will be stepping down later this year during their 50th year anniversary show.

Now, I know what you might be saying, “Why is this important and why should I care?”  Great questions, I admit, but the revealing of the new Doctor did attract more than 6.2 million viewers on Sunday, four of which were the Randalls.  It is a global phenomenon.

For those unfamiliar with Doctor Who, the show centers around an eccentric character named the Doctor, who is a Time Lord from another galaxy.  The Doctor usually has a companion with him and they travel around the universe in his Tardis (time machine) drifting in-and-out of time and space.

On their adventures, there is always some sort of predicament they must endure lending itself to a larger narrative running throughout the story.  It is brilliantly written (kudos to Steven Moffat) and wonderfully acted.

Doctor Who is a lot of fun to watch, but even more fun to analyze.

The Doctor is a “Time Lord” offering great wisdom throughout the universe, but has a deep affection for earth and her inhabitants.  There are times when the doctor and his companions are forced into moral quandaries, making it almost impossible to live in a black and white universe.  For that element of the show, I absolutely adore it.

The Doctor helps those in the quandaries find a way through them.  There is never really a “solution” to their problems, but only a mysterious path getting them through the darkness.  The show is not about right verses wrong or good versus evil, but learning to take the next step even when the next step is unpredictable or unknown.  In other words, it is about faith…faith in someone larger than life and faith in those you choose to travel with in life.

So far, I like my journey.  How about you?

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