While all the American football fans are celebrating over the end of the referee lockout, did you hear what one soccer referee has to be thankful for yesterday?  In the Italian League top division, German national star Miroslav Klose does something unexpected but refreshing.  In this day of win-at-all-costs in professional sports, he tells the truth which takes away a goal for his team.

Early in the match, the ball was crossed over into the front of the goal.  Klose made a run at it and the ball ricocheted into the goal.  His teammates began to celebrate, because the goal would have given them the lead, 1-0.  The other team, however, was not as festive.  They started screaming at the referee arguing the goal was scored with the use of Klose’s hand.  In soccer, of course, this is a blatant rule violation and there is no such thing as instant replays.

Unexpectedly, Klose calmly walks over to the referee and whispers into his ear.  The referee immediately waves off the goal and the game continues, 0-0.  Klose’s opponents visually displayed their appreciation and admiration for his truthfulness and sportsmanship.  Klose’s team went on to lose the match, 3-0.  However, just for a moment, we were reminded why the world calls soccer, “The Beautiful Game.”

Hmmmm…  What would have happened if a Seahawks player or coach would have done that this past Monday night at the end of their NFL game when a blown call gave them the win?

What would you do if given the chance?

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