Watching the events unfold over the last few weeks in Ferguson, MO, I have been hesitant to write about the situation.  From the death of an unarmed young man to the violence erupting afterwards, I have had a difficult time drawing any conclusions except that prayers are needed and a hope for peace should be the focus for the future.

With that said, I recently read an article by Rev. Terrell Carter, an African-American pastor and scholar living and ministering in St. Louis, MO.  His words are profound for many reasons, but mostly for the wisdom he demonstrates in grasping the multi-layered dimensions of this situation.  His emphasis is right on target: (1) we need to analyze the situation with a broad educated reason, (2) respond in love and compassion, and (3) acknowledge the spiritual battle that rages before our eyes.

Here is his excellent article at

Rev. Carter has given us a vision to move forward in a very positive and Christlike way.  While justice will be pursued by those directly involved in Ferguson, as a Christian community we are called to respond with the attitude, words, and actions of our Lord.  Therefore, when we find ourselves in a conversation this week about the events in Ferguson, let’s make certain to heed our words and respond as though Christ, himself, were standing next to us.  In other words, let’s be Christian!  


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