This morning as I was ciphering through my Facebook newsfeed, I noticed a frantic post by a good friend.  The friend had just sent her husband to the side of the house where the dumpster was located.  He was instructed not to come back inside until his objective had been met.  There would be no excuses accepted and failure was not an option.

So, dear old hubby trotted outside before work, rolled up his sleeves, and went dumpster diving.  As he wadded through the muck of last week’s trash, he discovered a variety of items: empty toothpaste tube, remnants of Monday night’s dinner, dirty diapers, and last month’s copy of Soccer Digest his wife might have “accidentally” thrown out.

Finally, after a very strenuous morning, the husband finally found the tiny object of his search.  He found his daughter’s baby tooth.  No one will admit how it got there, but somehow it did.  I heard a rumor it might have been an elf.  Thankfully, though, Dad was there to save the day.

How often do we throw things away, only to later wish we had them back?  Money?  Jobs?  Relationships?  Words?  Decisions?  There are so many instances when we toss these things out in life, only to wish we could dive into the dumpster to retrieve them.  We would find them, we would clean them up, and we would redeem them.  But, the search is so difficult.  So tedious.  So large.  So unfathomable.

If only we had a dad who could do it for us.

Wait….I guess we do.

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