No way, can’t be.  Someone just tried to convince me it’s August 1st already.  I told them they did not know what they were talking about because summer just started a few weeks ago, right?  No.  Well, I’ll be, it is August.  Wow!  Where did the time go?  Did I miss the string of 100 degree days?  Did I miss the grass turning brown?  Did I miss the late evenings watching the neighborhood children play outside in the sprinklers?  Did I miss summer?

For some reason, this summer has flown by.  Of course, there are numerous reasons why this seems to be for me.  First, May 20th, 2013, set into a motion a flurry of activity.  When the tornados during that two week period touched down, our city went into overdrive.  While much of the relief efforts have settled down, the work continues and the constant reminder of the tragedy is still all around us.

Second, I have not been home much this summer.  For three weeks, I was either at family functions or attending Baptist meetings.  Living out of a suitcase accelerates time into warp drive.  Home.  San Antonio.  Greensboro.  San Antonio.  Home.  All of a sudden, a month is gone.

Finally, this has been one of the strangest summers in the last several years.  The cooler temperatures and rain have been a nice break from the scorching heat of the last two summers, but without the hot temperatures it seems as though we have been stuck in a warm spring for three months.  Nevertheless, I will take this weather in July and August any day.

Well, the calendar doesn’t lie, so I guess I have to admit it’s August and only three more weeks of summer remain until school ramps up once again.  So, even though the first two months of summer have flown by, I plan on making the last three weeks slow down a bit.  I plan on finding a cold glass of lemonade, sitting outside on my back patio, and listening to the cicadas serenade me with their summer aria.  Life is too short to let summer fly by without slowing down.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  And I still can’t believe it’s August 1.

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