What’s the big deal?  Seriously, babies are born every day, what makes this one so special?  Prince William and Dutchess Kate seem like great people and all, but why is the world so caught up in the drama of the English monarchs?  As one of my sons indicated last night as we watched the ongoing news coverage, “Dad, I thought we had a revolution so we didn’t have to pay attention to all of this royalty stuff?”  Good question.

However, we must face facts.  The British monarchs are still fascinating to us because their historical DNA lives in our bones.  Yea, we “broke away” from the Empire a few hundred years ago, but they still remain a close cousin we like to hang out with during reunions, we vacation with every now and again, and we most assuredly want them around if we get into a fight.

Therefore, the reason we are so captivated by English royal babies being born is we recognize they are part of our past and future.  Like this baby boy’s father, grandfather, and grandmother, they have come to symbolize something to the world.  While there may only remain two superpowers in the world these days, it was the English Empire that last governed a large expanse of the world.  Granted, they symbolize a dark past for a large part of the world, but with this baby the monarchs can also symbolize a hopeful future.

Now, I am no student of modern day English monarchs, but there seems to be something evolving with the crown.  The current queen and her son represent an old crown, fading with tradition and tarnished by hierarchal dogma.   However, with William and now his son, we see a new monarch emerging.  The crown has changed and we have one person to thank for this new and fresh movement, the late Princess Diana.  Diana was real, genuine, and authentic.  She was a humble soul willing to walk beside the least of these in the world in hopes of bringing a better life for them.  She shaped her sons, William and Harry, and the crown into becoming more human and less royal.

Thus, this baby born yesterday has her blood flowing through him.  He has Kate’s lineage too, commoners like the rest of England and the world.  For the first time, we have a royal baby who possesses the potential to be a future king for all the people.  With his father’s and mother’s influence, he just may be the transitional monarch the world could respect.  There is a lot of hope for this young boy, a hope that just might bring smiles to the world. Well, he already has done that I know.

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