Yesterday was just about perfect.  First, my family and I went to church. We experienced a wonderful service and great fellowship with good friends.  Afterwards, instead of fighting the crowds and dropping more money than we should on food we decided to go home for lunch.  It was nothing fancy, just sandwiches and a few chips.  When lunch was complete, some of the Randalls took their Sunday afternoon naps while another Randall braved the heat to mow the yard (Can you hear the resentment in my voice?).

I know what you’re thinking, nothing too special so far, but what followed made the day for me.  Dripping with sweat and on the brink of heat exhaustion, I decided to take a dip in the pool.  As soon as my fingertips hit the water the other Randalls started waking from their afternoon hibernation.  One by one they all came out ready to enjoy some summertime sun and water with good ole’ dad.  We made up a pool game this weekend that was a lot like baseball but with some special rules for the pool.  We played and laughed until the sun began to peak behind the rooftops.  Then, the boys went inside while Missy and I sat out back on the patio and visited.  It was the perfect ending to an almost perfect day (still a little ticked at the whole nap thing).

There is nothing greater than lazy Sunday afternoons in the summer.  What did you and your family do?

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