Being Inclusive

NorthHaven Church exists for those individuals and families seeking a progressive Christian witness taking Jesus for his word that all people are invited to follow him. Regardless of ethnic background, economic position, political affiliation, or past indiscretions, NorthHaven welcomes you to be a part of our family and experience the grace and love of God. For too long, churches have focused upon an exclusionist approach to faith. Instead of seeking ways to welcome people into the family of God, we have built doctrines and dogmas that have divided God’s children. At NorthHaven, we want to be known for welcoming all people and empowering them to be disciples of Jesus.

In addition, NorthHaven exists for those individuals and families that have felt the cold sting of hurtful religion. Unfortunately, there are too many stories where the church has failed to love as Jesus loved…too many stories where grace is only a word and not a practice…too many stories where the doors to the kingdom have been slammed shut and not thrown open. At NorthHaven, we offer an invitation to any persons who have suffered at the hand of hurtful religion. We welcome you, scars and all.

Finally, being an inclusive congregation means promoting and practicing an egalitarian view of family and church life. We believe men and women were created equal to serve as co-labors in the home and church. We believe in a shared responsibility between husbands and wives; where mutual submission encourages humility and respect. As well, we hold that God calls and equips men and women for the purpose of service within his church. Gender should never be a factor in whether a person serves God in any manner of ministry. God loves every one of his children equally, so his church should seek to do the same.

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