Election day is tomorrow, as millions of voters head to the polls practicing the great experiment that is America.  Democracy in action means our country will elect a president, other elected officials, and decide on numerous state questions around the country.  It truly is one of the most remarkable days to be an American.

With that said, I want to offer some insight on what tomorrow brings…

First, our democracy is only as good as its citizens.  While it appears we are nothing more than a divided country between red and blue, there is more to being a citizen than which name we mark in the ballot box.  We should be informed voters reflecting on the candidates, their positions, and the issues at stake using thoughtful analysis and keen insight.  We should do our own critical thinking, permitting cognitive reflection, honest assessment, and personal conscience to be our guides.

Second, not only should we be informed voters, we should be respectful voters.  The time for meaningless rhetoric and venomous pre-election attacks should be behind us.  Tomorrow, even though we will not all cast the same ballots, we enter our polling places a unified people accepting the greater cause of democracy over our own agendas.  A democracy that cannot tame itself from the pettiness of partisan politics on election day is not a democracy worth practicing.  Be respectful, be informed, and be at your polling places ready to put democracy in action.

Whether President Obama is re-elected or Governor Romney becomes our 45th president, our democracy will continue to move forward.  If there is one narrative history continues to offer, it is the stark reality that elections come and elections go, but the citizenry of our great country remains steadfast as long as the people practice a responsible governance starting with themselves.

Tomorrow, our country goes to the polls.  Democracy will be well served.  Make certain you are a part of the great experiment.

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