It is time to do what we missional Christians do best, mobilize our efforts to help those suffering from great tragedy.  NorthHaven Church is a proud partner with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Disaster Response ministry.  At this very moment, Cooperative Baptist state and regional organizations on the East coast are working feverishly to assist victims of this terrifying storm.

Therefore, we are creating a means for anyone wanting to donate their resources for helping storm victims.  Through NorthHaven’s PayPal Donate Page Link, we will make certain every dollar you contribute goes to help in the relief efforts.  We will be collecting these funds and immediately send them to the headquarters of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Atlanta, GA where they will distribute them to state and regional organizations on the East coast who are actively engaged in disaster relief work.

Every relief dollar is precious so contribute now.  Just think, through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we can spread the word and make a real difference for those currently suffering.  My sermon text this week is about the Great Commandment, “Love God with all you heart, mind, and strength…and love others as you would love yourself.”  Here is our chance to demonstrate the love of Christ to those needing some hope now.

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