The U

The time after high school is a very exciting transition.  However, it can also be uncertain and frightening.  Leaving the protection and community of youth groups isn't easy.  In fact, many people leave the Church at this particular stage.

 The U is NorthHaven's answer to this.  We seek to provide:  community, consistency & thought provoking guidance through Scripture.  We want to take the feeling that you don't have a place in the Church (between youth & adulthood), and turn it upside down, empowering you to help be leaders in the Church.

 The U will seek to find areas where college aged individuals can serve within the Church.  A few of these outlets for service include:

  • Working with youth
  • Working with children
  • Joining us for mission work
  • Singing in the choir

If you would like to find out more about The U, please contact Bryan!