Running the Race

Dear Friend of Northhaven,

William Carey, father of the modern mission movement, reminds us that we should always be prepared when God begins to move. Carey inspired generations of followers when he boldly declared, “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.”

Over the last eight years, NorthHaven Church has been dedicated to those words. From humble beginnings at First Presbyterian to that glorious day when we dedicated our current building, members and friends of NorthHaven have remained committed to the message, ministries, and mission of our founding members.

For almost a decade now, NorthHaven has continued to foster an energetic Christian community where individuals and families can discover a fresh and free faith, connect with other believers in a diverse setting, and impact people with the love of Christ. It is no surprise to learn the time has come to boldly move forward, building on our firm tradition and commitment to be the presence of Christ to future generations.

Last year, our church voted to enter into a building phase which will construct a two-story education facility for our children, youth, and adult ministries. As well, we will create additional parking and install a comprehensive drainage system. Because of new membership and the excitement they have generated, we have experienced a surge calling for these amazing new additions.

This project will cost an estimated $3.5 million for the new building, amenities, remodeling the existing building, drainage, and relocating the playground and storage building. Through your initial commitments and faithfulness, we have raised $3.2 million in pledges with $2.1 million already received. Thus, with an additional $300,000 we can complete the project for future followers debt free.

An architect has been hired, the design for the new building is in place, and the time is now to complete what we have started. Therefore, we are making a call for additional financial investments to finish the work. Every investment made assists in the project’s completion. No gift is too small. No amount is insignificant. The time for the NorthHaven community to combine our resources for the completion of this work is upon us.

If William Carey was correct and we “expect great things from God,” then we should all be prepared “to attempt great things for God.” The time is now. We need to finish what has been started and open the door of opportunity for God to do what he does best...great, amazing, and miraculous things. Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm for this new and exciting era in the life of NorthHaven Church.

With much admiration,
R. Mitch Randall
Senior Pastor

New Education Building