The Daily Artifact Exhibit 2015

In the history of the church, the arts have maintained a very important responsibility. Under the authority of the Holy Spirit and Scripture, the arts have enabled individuals and communities to creatively express and understand the movement of God throughout the ages. Musicians, visual artists, writers, and actors present sacred stories and truths in unique and beautiful ways; they’ve often challenged believers to reconsider long-familiar themes in new and creative ways or moved the focus from the mundane to the extraordinary. The early church used the visual arts to share God’s love with those incapable of reading the scriptures themselves. NorthHaven Church has a profound appreciation of the arts and their ability to demonstrate God’s involvement in our lives. NorthHaven Church recognizes the sacred arts are as necessary today as ever.

NorthHaven’s Society for the Sacred Arts (NSSA) is made up of the membership of NorthHaven Church. The society meets once a month to discuss ways to include the arts in the church. NSSA works closely with the church’s Worship Planning Team, Music Ministry, and Arts Academy. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting and unique ministry, please either contact the church office or simply show up at the next scheduled meeting.

“A true work of art is but a shadow of the Divine perfection.” Michelangelo