Recent Projects

Highland East Junior High, Moore

NorthHaven Church provided assistance to students at Highland East Junior High School as they prepared to return to class this year after taking a direct hit from an E5 tornado last spring.  Mrs. Morris provided these letters of appreciation....


Dear Mitch Randall (8/2013),

I can't fully express my happiness, excitement, and gratitude for your donation to my project. It is great to see that you share my vision for reaching children. These students have lost so much, they will be so astonished that others care so much about them. The tools that you have funded will enable students to create and explain their own concepts with concrete tools, the comprehension of Literature and Written Expression. In addition, I will be able to demonstrate all of the Literary Elements of short stories, poetry, and incorporate music as well as History! The technology in the classroom will give them a chance to take this knowledge and turn it into power points, prezis, video presentations - all demonstrating skills that will coincide with high school, college, trade school, and the work place! Thank you so much. I can't wait to introduce these tools to the children.
With gratitude,
Mrs. M

Dear Mitch Randall (9/2013),

We are currently reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas while listening to the audio in class. The students are being completely sucked into the story and are loving every minute of it! We have been starting to learn about World War II and what it meant to the world. We have used the document camera for their papers to be projected so we can all edit them together, the camera to document our activities and soon to be used for collages, and the DVD player to play clips from World War II news broadcasts. Soon we will create a class PowerPoint that will then be burned to DVD to be played in all classes so each class can learn from each other! Their reading skills, fluency, and writing skills, as well as history and technology, are being advanced with great success! I really want to thank you for the help you've given, the kindness you've shown, and the hearts you're helping to heal.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Morris


Glad we could help Mrs. Morris and her students!

Ghana 2013

NorthHaven Church current has a partnership with the Ghana Baptist Convention and the Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma.  We are sending teams to Ghana handing out mosquito nets, work with Rev. Timothy Wilson and Restoration Baptist Church, and assist him in starting churches in the Northern Volta Region.

Ghana 2012

Ghana 2010

NorthHaven is committed to working both internationally and domestically.  We have a number of locate partnerships such as our work with Habitat for Humanity of Oklahoma.

Habitat Norman