How To Donate

Your Pledge

It has become time to begin the Charting our Future capital campaign to expand our facilities. We are asking you, our faithful members, to carry this charge and help us build this wonderful new facility. This charge is to make a pledge, paid out over three years, that will transform the face of NorthHaven Church. This pledge is in addition to our continued general contributions.
 Your pledge is for three consecutive fiscal years. All gifts are tax-deductible. This construction cannot take place without you. We all play a role in the direction that NorthHaven Church will take. Please take the attached pledge card home and prayerfully consider your role in this new direction NorthHaven Church will head. We will also provide offering envelopes for your convenience. We ask for your prayers as we begin this exciting endeavor together.

Ways to Give

Your tax-deductible donation can be made several different ways:

Cash - Place in campaign envelope or designate it for the campaign if using a general envelope.

Check - Please make checks payable to NorthHaven Church. Please place in campaign offering envelope, or make a note elsewhere that it is for the campaign.

ACH/Automatic Bank Withdrawal - Please stop by the church front office to fill out an authorization agreement to have your pledge automatically deducted from your banking account on the 15th, end of month, or both.  You can also download the form and turn it in to the church office.

ACH Authorization Form

PayPal -click on the Donate button below.

Non-Cash Gift - You may also make a donation through a gift of stocks, bonds, property, insurance, etc. to the church. Please contact the church office for more details.

Amazon - For every purchase you make through Amazon, 0.5% of that purchase will be sent to NorthHaven to support our ministry and missions.  Click below to start raising money now.

Northhaven Church

Prayers - Each of us should commit ourselves to pray for this endeavor over the next three years.