Attend One - Serve One


The "Attend One - Serve One" missional strategy is to provide every member with the opportunity to attend a worship service and serve within specific ministries of the church.  Our Sunday morning schedule begins with our Crossing service at 9:00 AM.  This service depicts the heart of NorthHaven Church, filled with the beautiful liturgy and hymns that NorthHaven cherishes.  Bible Study begins at 10:10 AM and continues to 11:00 AM.  There are numerous opportunities for all ages to learn more about the Bible and how to apply its truths to life.  Finally, our newest worship experience, Intersect, begins at 11:15 AM.  Intersect brings the  creative talents of NorthHaven members to design and direct a different worship experience each week.  It's a new concept that pulls from varied musical genres, traditions, and experiences.  

Needless to say, the development of all these wonderful opportunities has created a greater need for volunteerism.  Therefore, the following teams and positions have been established to provide an opportunity for every member to attend a service AND serve in some capacity within the other service.  After carefully reading each opportunity, you may email Sheri Ridenour and let her know the areas of service in which you would like more information.  She will forward your inquiry to the appropriate staff member or team leader.  In turn, they will be in contact with you soon afterwards.  This is an exciting time to be a part of NorthHaven Church, so we look forward to working alongside everyone as we serve our Lord to further his Good News for all people.  

Liturgy Team

There will be an overarching Liturgy Team that is composed of two secondary teams, the Crossings and Intersect Teams. The Liturgy Team will meet at least four times per year to evaluate the worship  themes for the services and address any issues involving both services (If leaders of any other team want to attend the meeting to discuss any issues/concerns within their specific area of responsibility, they are welcome). Afterwards, the Crossings and Intersect Teams will meet to brainstorm ideas, make assignments, and begin collaboration on their assigned worship services. The teams will work alongside the Senior Pastor and other staff members as we create and develop each service. After each meeting, teams can either meet in person and/or continue to collaborate through digital communications.

  • Crossings Team – planning and development of 9:00 AM service.
  • Intersect Team – planning and development of 11:15 AM service.

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Worship Architects

The Worship Architect(s) will be a new position that works primarily with Intersect, but may bleed into Crossings from time to time. The Worship Architect(s) will be assigned a specific Sunday as the architect for the service. After assignments are made by the Senior Pastor and the Liturgy Team, the Worship Architects/Coordinator will work with their team to begin creating a service for that assigned week. The Worship Architects will work with the Senior Pastor, church staff, and the assigned team to create the structure of the service. The Worship Architect(s) DOES NOT have to be the Worship Leader, but can assign a worship team/leader for that specific service.

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Worship Leaders

The Worship Leaders will be individuals or teams that lead congregational music on Sunday mornings. Crossings will be led primarily by our Minister of Music, working alongside the Crossings Team, Choir, Senior Pastor, and other available personnel. The Worship Leaders for Intersect will be recruited and assigned by the Intersect Team and Senior Pastor. Worship Leaders will work in conjunction with appropriate staff members to make certain they have available resources at their disposal.

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Audio-Visual Team

The Audio/Video Team will be responsible, working with the Transition Team, for the set up and tear down of equipment for both Crossings and Intersect. There will be three primary positions for each service: (1) Sound Technician, (2) Computer Technician, and (3) Video Technician.

  • Sound Technician – responsible for running sound board and connecting to radio broadcast.
  • Computer Technician – responsible for running slides and working with Keynote and Pro Presenter software.
  • Video Technician – responsible for running camera for FaceBook Live feed.

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Transition Team

The Transition Team will be responsible for breakdown and set up of the stage between and after each service. The team will work closely with the Worship Leader, the Audio/Video Team, and Senior Pastor. One team of two will be assigned each week. The following is a general description of the responsibilities:

  • After Crossings, immediately begin to transition the stage from the Crossings service to the Intersect service.
  • After Intersect, immediately begin to transition the stage back to the Crossings service.

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Greeter Team

The Greeter Team will be responsible for greeting individuals and families as they enter the building, assist them to find places in the building, and connect them to a staff member or volunteer for further assistance. Each Sunday we will need two teams of three, with each team responsible for one service. There will be three positions available for each team:

  • Sanctuary Door (South Door).
  • Price Atrium Door (Southwest Door).
  • Welcome Desk (Price Atrium).

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Usher Team

The Usher Team will be responsible to assist individuals and families as they enter the sanctuary for worship, assist late comers in finding a seat, and officiate the duties of taking up the offering during the service. There will be two teams of four with each team assigned to a specific service (Intersect may only require two until it grows enough to need four).

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Ordinance Team

The Ordinance Team will be responsible for preparing the elements for the Lord's Supper. On the days we observe Communion, the team will prepare the elements prior to the Crossings service at 9:00 AM. During the transition from Crossings to Intersect, the used elements will be discarded and the new elements will replace them. If the team needs assistance, the Transition Team will be present to help.

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Café and Coffee Team

The Café and Coffee Team will be responsible for making coffee and setting out refreshments each Sunday. Coffee and refreshments will need to be ready between 8:45 and 11:15 AM. This will be a team of one or two assigned to each week.

Email: Sheri Ridenour

Extended Session Workers

NorthHaven will strive to have three volunteers in Extended Session during each service. Volunteers will work alongside paid staff ministering to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The volunteers will be responsible for the safety and care of our children as their parents participate in worship. A detailed list of responsibilities will be provided for each volunteer from NorthHaven’s Children’s Minister.

Staff Liaison: Kim Divelbiss.