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Bible Cafe Slider Fall 2015


Bible Café, Fall 2015

During the Fall 2015 semester of the Bible Café, we will be studying the Abrahamic narratives of Genesis. Beginning with God's promise to Abram we will explore the life of this great patriarch and his descendants.  

Two Options Available on Wednesdays:

Option #1, Bible Café for Silver Linings - At 10:30 AM, a special Bible Café for senior adults will be offered in the Compass Café.  After the study, senior adults may enjoy having lunch at a local restaurant or bringing a lunch to the church.  Also, if other stay at home adults would like to join the study, you are welcome to make this a truly multigenerational experience.  

Option #2 - Bible Café for Adults - At 7:00 PM, our regular Bible Café will be offered for those wishing to deepen their understanding of Scriptures.  Designed for adults whose children and teens are enjoying their activities, this hour will give parents and adults a community to study Scripture and apply to their particular aspects of their lives.

September 16 - God Begins Again with a Promise (Genesis 11:31-12:9)

September 23 - The Consequences of Sin (Genesis 12:10-20)

September 30 - Division with a Purpose (Genesis 13:1-18)



Other Adult Opportunitites: 

NorthHaven provides numerous opportunities for adults to strengthen their faith and live missionally. Adults participate in challenging Bible Study classes, fascinating discipleship courses, and interesting book studies as they strive towards learning more about God and how his ways apply to their lives. For those interested in specific ministries, there are our adult choir and mission projects that allow adults to engage. Finally, through group fellowships and the Compass Group ministry, adults have a chance to find community with other adults who have similar life experiences and interests.