Bible Study

Bible Study on Sunday morning is at the heart of NorthHaven. It is designed to build strong relationships, support both corporate and individual spiritual growth, increase knowledge of the Bible and raise awareness of opportunities for hands-on missions in our community and our world. We are striving to learn to be a reflection of Christ to others and believe that by freely sharing our experiences and knowledge we are moving in the right direction.
Adult classes provide a variety of options based on age, life status and teaching/learning styles. Your choices include mixed gender classes of varying ages and ladies classes.
Children and youth classes are provided with interactive lessons and activities designed to fit their interests and abilities. Your child’s comfort and security is uppermost in our minds. All teachers have undergone criminal background checks.
We welcome everyone with an interest in growth, fellowship and support on life’s journey to join us on Sunday Mornings at 9:00 a.m.

A.J.A.R. Bible Study

Room: C-8
This coed class, A.J.A.R. (All Joy and Redemption) is working to be a trustworthy fellowship of mutually concerned friends who share their lives and experiences with one another. They openly discuss the spiritual, intellectual, ethical and relational challenges faced in their daily lives. The members state that their deepest desire is to present a faithful reflection of Christ to others and to be of service to their community and world. They study theme based materials with a basis on scripture. Everyone is welcome to join.

Ladies Bible Study

Room: B-6 (Conference Room)
All ages of ladies are invited to attend this class exclusively for women. The focus of the lessons in this class is on book studies such as the Book of Acts, Toward Being a Missional Church, and basic scriptural studies. They describe themselves as a questioning, searching and researching group with a preference for study relating to the books of the Bible.

NHC Newcomers Bible Study

Room: Compass Cafe

Teachers: Mitch & Missy Randall

A new session begins November 2, 2014 and will meet in the Compass Cafe in the Rick Price Education Wing.

People who are new to NorthHaven with an interest in finding out who we are and what we believe will enjoy this class. It is a six week study that will include discussions about the four fragile freedoms, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, doctrinal beliefs and the missions of NorthHaven Church. Contact the church office if you would like to sign up for the next class.

Outer Banks Bible Study

Room: B-10
Bible study materials surrounding the historical nature of scripture and the tools to handle issues in Christian life and thought are used in this class. The members include both men and women and several who have a long history of scriptural study. Teachers with varying styles rotate on a monthly basis. All lessons involve open discussion and input from class members.

Ridenour Bible Study

Room: C-9
This class consists of both men and women of a wide range of ages. The class studies materials provided by the Baptist Center for Ethics. Lessons examine Scripture in its historical context, and apply the resulting insights to issues facing the contemporary Church.

Gnosis (Young Adult) Bible Study

Room: B-14/B-15
This is a co-ed class of both married and single young adults. The teaching style revolves around a facilitated discussion with a great deal of lively class participation and community building. The curriculum typically focuses on issues pertaining to younger folks and above all else, we have a great deal of fun as we pursue God together!